Pressit was founded by a self-published author. Our primary goal is to provide quality content from Reddit’s writing communities. Second to this is our stern conviction to aid Reddit’s self-publishing scene.

Some new authors may be surprised at the sheer number of self-publishing resources available on the internet. In the age of KDP and IngramSpark, new writers can circumvent the hassle of writing a query letter and finding an agent. Written from the experience of several self-published authors, in this series we’re looking to explore this internet-abetted route to getting your book on the market. We’ll  post extensive guides to self-publishing, its weaknesses and advantages, marketing your book, and the pros and cons of publishing with a small press. 

This post is a taste of what’s to come. Next week, we’ll cover the pros and cons of CreateSpace and KDP, the primary tools used by self-published authors to release their work on Amazon and to independent bookstores/libraries.