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Pressit Literary Magazine showcases a wide variety of written works – from poems to short stories, from essays to letters, from opinions to diaries – and we value consistency across all our publications. It’s important that grammar conventions, phrasing, and other such details of every work we publish are the same across formats. This produces an air to each and every post that is unmistakably that of Pressit. As such, we have chosen to comply with the BuzzFeed Style Guide, with slight modifications. 

To quote the BuzzFeed style guide,

BuzzFeed’s preferred dictionary for US/World style is Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition ( In MW, the first spelling of a word should generally be used (unless it appears in the Word List below or is preferred by the Associated Press Stylebook). The preferred style manual is the AP Stylebook. Please consult the Chicago Manual of Style for issues not covered by AP Stylebook as well as for more detailed information and discussion, where applicable. Generally, AP Style trumps MW, but any style point mentioned in this guide overrules those publications.

With the exception of following the Chicago Manual of Style, these are the conventions that we will follow when it comes to spelling and common phrasing. In place of the Chicago Manual of Style, we will refer to the Edinburgh Student Law Review House Style Guide for issues not covered by AP Stylebook. Because of the ever-changing and growing nature of internet culture, not all trends are accounted for in these guides, and as such they are not intended to be comprehensive. Instead, our rule of thumb is to use what’s worked in the past; relate new trends to the past, and go from there unless instructed otherwise. 



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